Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, and thank God that semester is over...

Happy days are back again! Sunny and snow covered, today looks like a story time Christmas morning! A decent snow storm last week left about a foot of snow on Waterloo WI, and since it was the wet sticky variety there have been snowmen springing up and branches hanging low. The semester ended FINALLY last week on the 19th with a grueling Art History final that was done online under a time limit. I was praying for my Charter connection to do me justice and stay strong...managed to keep an A in all of my classes. Toughest semester yet. The next one  is my last before I make the jump to Milwaukee, and I am taking just under 20 credits, again. So this should be interesting. Many of the GER classes I am trying to knock out the majority of them before I transfer to Milwaukee, so that will give me more time in studio to work. Of course then I want to join the sailing club as well...so let's see how that 'light load' progresses.
I got out for a trail run a couple of days after the snow storm, down in the Kettle. It was just amazing! The forest looked like a winter wonderland! I took plenty of pics, and ended up running from Emma Carlin to Bald Bluff and back, about 14 miles. Farther than I had initially anticipated, but it was so scenic I could not help myself. Plus I felt incredible so I just went for it, left it all out there lol
Couple of projects in the coals, scheduled to go out to Michigan to pick up this really neat drafting table I found online, the architect doesn't use it anymore and although it is rather large it would be perfect for doing drafting and hand renderings on (thinking marker, pastels, watercolors, etc.) so I am excited to pick that up. Then on the morning of the 3rd it is off to Kansas, where I will get fully saturated in graphic design under the tutelage of Mike Lin who is hosting a 2 day and 7 day seminar right outside of Kansas City. Of course I signed up for both, so I will be there for 10 days. The seminar runs from 8:30 am until midnight everyday (seriously?) so it will be pretty intense. For those of you who are not familiar with Mike Lin, he is a world renowned  rendering artist. He does amazing sketches/renderings/presentation pieces using pencil, marker, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, etc. I currently own two of his books, the one called Drawing and Designing with Confidence  is a must have for anyone looking to sharpen their sketching and hand rendering abilities. I am really looking forward to this seminar, and start the spring semester the day after I get back ha. Talk about launching into the New Year!
Had Christmas at my grandmothers house last night, it was wonderful to see everyone! My brother was unable to make it due to his entire family coming down with the flu. Bummer. Everyone else seems to be doing well.
Today I am going to my cousins house for a brunch, should be fun visiting at a slower pace. I really look forward to these little breaks in school, to catch up with family and unwind a little. Of course there is another side of me that is already chomping at the bit, but for now hitting the trails is satisfying my never ending desire to push forward. Guess I better get going...coffee is getting cold.

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