Thursday, December 27, 2012

Emma Carlin, snowy trails... all smiles

Finally got back on the trails! Jodie and I hit the snow covered trails of the Southern Kettle a couple of days after our part of WI got slammed by a decent snowstorm. We both knew the scenery would be awesome in the woods, and although my longest run during the last 2 months was 7 miles, I managed 14 on that day...just couldn't help myself!

Hopefully get back down there this weekend. I had a slight back injury that was slowing me down quite a bit on the distance stuff, but now that it is feeling better I want to soak up as much time on the trails as I can before I leave for Kansas next week for the Mike Lin Graphic Workshop (9 days of learning techniques and different media representations for architectural design, including interiors and site planning stuff. The guy is amazing! check his site out

It is a 2 day or 7 day seminar, but if you register for the 7 day you can attend the 2 day for free, so it then COULD become a 9 day, of course which I happily signed up for lol... classes are from 8:30 am 'till midnight (no joke) so you definitely get your money's worth!

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