Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall semester 2012...

Ah, to wake up to pre-calculus every day of the week...brings me such joy. It is that time of year again, and I am back at school pursuing the never ending path of Architecture. One of the blessings here at Madison College is that they brew their own coffee in the cafeteria, all sorts of flavors for all sorts of folks...love it. All 21 credits this semester...whew!
I will FINALLY be applying to UWM this Wednesday, so excited to be getting the ball rolling on that! I have this semester and one more in Spring and then it is time to make the move to Milwaukee! That will be such a big change in my life, looking forward to all the adventure it will bring...
Timeline wise, after the big move I will probably be looking at about 2.5 more years to finish up the Bachelors, and then I will be applying to the Masters program (or dual Masters, rather) for Architecture and Urban Planning. Fast forward an additional 3 years for that- then what?

Honestly, who knows. I will of course be chasing IDP hours and internships while trying to eventually sit for the ARE exams. I am in no rush, but would like to get there eventually. Most of all I am trying to enjoy the ride, to soak up as much as I can, because to me this is fun. I am shaping my own future in a way, building a career. Every day I am moving farther into an unknown place, and that is exciting to me.
One thing that I truly love about Architecture is that there are so many options available as far as what road you take, or end up on. Personally, I plan on relocating to Portland, Oregon upon graduation...trail runners heaven up there, while the communities seem to be more environmentally minded and conscious of sustainable practices...call it a movement if you will. It is merely the direction my internal compass is pointing, a goal I have in mind.
I am going to be trying to document more of the journey so I can look back on these ramblings while sipping coffee some mornings, and see how far (or not) I have come.
Enjoy the day, I know I will~

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