Sunday, July 19, 2015


After my run today with my brother, I decided that I really need to cut back on my coffee intake. I drink quite a bit of coffee, and I am sure I would feel better if I just quit for a bit and got off the stimulus it provides. Since I always go all in, why not make it a complete cleansing period?
I did some research online, and found a great blog post by Doug Hay who was also an ultrarunner.

You can check it out yourself at:

Question 1 : How is this going to affect my current training? 
Since Doug was also training for an ultra when he did his cleanse (which was also for three days, not two like mine) I felt his advice was great for me. Since he mentioned the worst symptoms came on at the 12 h mark, I started my cleanse today, at 5:30 pm. This will allow me to wake up and then drink another one right away, hopefully this will ease the hunger pains a little. I also am going to add chia seeds to my juice drinks, for the extra protein/energy. Things can get demanding at the architecture firm where I work and I want to stay on my game :)

Question 2: How expensive is this going to be?
I got lucky here since I already own a pretty nice juicer, an Omega Juicer 8004. This machine is amazing, juices anything (handles wheatgrass very well due to it being a 'masticating' juicer, meaning that it doesn't use spinning blades but actually presses the juice out with an auger type bit.Rinse and done. Back to the cost, I was just looking at a grocery bill. Which mind you, would have been a lot less if I had noticed that it called for 24 apples and not a case. The case was expensive, at 40lbs. That being said, I am going to be juicing A LOT of apples over the next two days. There will also be a lot of leftover 'stuff' I am sure.
Bill: 165.00

Question 3: Whats going to happen to me?
 Ha ha, this is where it gets a little exciting and a little scary. Since it is only for 48 hours ( of which 16 I will be sleeping, hopefully) the worst symptoms Doug mentioned are headaches, fatigue and hunger (go figure). I think the worst will be the hunger pains and the coffee withdrawal. Both of which should clear by the morning on Tuesday (it is currently Sunday evening, 7:12 pm. I began the cleanse at 5:30 pm today) so we will see. Since I eat pretty healthy already (green smoothies every morning, low meat intake, no junk food, no soda, no alcohol, etc.) I am not expecting this to get too painful. That is my hope...

Question 4: Whats going to happen afterwards?
 When the 48 hours is up, I am going to gratefully sit down to some quinoa and salad with walnuts and roasted beets. After that, for the following 30 days I will abstain from coffee completely, and continue my morning green smoothies except I will be following a new rule of thumb of ABC (apple, beet, carrot) juice intake daily. Each day starts with lemon juice and warm water, to stimulate the digestive system (this also helps to clear the skin).

In closing, I am excited to do this. I feel like it is time to make some good moves with my food intake and to help take my training to the next level. What better gift to give oneself then amazing health? The human body is meant to feel amazing, everyday. To do amazing things, everyday. Anything less and it could be said that you are merely cheating yourself out of a life filled with a healthier, happier you.
I will be posting more on this experience as it unfolds for those who may be interested in trying it themselves someday.



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