Monday, May 25, 2015

Making Moves

There is a certain excitement that accompanies a big move. An air of possibility surrounds it, anticipation builds during the days leading up to it, we become anxious and even a little nervous. The move I am referring to here is moving ones residence, which entails all that you own. This is an interesting experience and seems to change as we get older.
When we are younger, we take everything. Everything we believe we need since we are all about acquiring stuff. Then when we move during our twenties we are amazed at how much crap we have we don't even use, or need, while the whole time we are packing we are experiencing nostalgia and remembering good times (and bad) associated with certain items. We keep a lot of 'what-if' stuff and lug it all to our new place. Now I am in my late thirties, and find that I really am about minimizing my 'stuff'. Part of that is that I want to simplify, and part of that is the wisdom of knowing that quality over quantity is more important than how much stuff I have. These seem like great years, like all the mistakes I have made to get here are starting to pay off.
For instance, I am much more sure of where I want to go with my life. I have made a few career changes, and found that the practice of architecture was something that I was very passionate about. The spirit of 'place-making' truly pulled at my heart strings, and I am extremely fortunate to have remained open enough to change, for this allowed me to take chances and to make the jump to go back to school after building houses for nearly 17 years. That single decision, that single move changed everything. It changed the path my life was on, it changed my place of residence, it opened doors to new opportunities, introduced me to new people that would become mentors and peers, in essence it was the biggest move of my life. And it was so worth it.
Everyone should take the time for moving. Movement is life, it keeps us from becoming stagnant. It forces us to take inventory, of ourselves, our 'stuff', our lives. It strips away the familiar and shows us whats possible. It keeps us young, and keeps life exciting. It is natural, in the way that birds and animals (and people used to) migrate to the pattern of the seasons.
So circling back to the beginning, as I am filling bags to take to Goodwill, in order to lighten my own move, I am reflecting on all the things a move can do. The power in that, in the unknown. It is exciting, and I encourage everyone to do it more often. Refresh your life.

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