Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring break?

Ok...I understand that this week is spring break. I understand that people go on trips, take it easy, and generally unwind. What I do not understand is first of all, where is Spring? And second of all, where is my break? Haha...I am on campus working on a presentation piece grounded in Revit that is to be presented next Tuesday and of course I am the only one here. Thank God for Pandora and decent coffee down the hall. On a brighter note, I saw my first robin yesterday here in Wisconsin so apparently spring is just flying under the radar for now. It IS supposed to hit 50 by Saturday so that is looking promising!
Note to self: Never install a new hard drive during midterms. Not sure what I was even thinking...scrambling to re install all of the software I need to finish the 5 projects I am juggling...while of course training for another 50k slated for the end of April. Love it :)
I received a couple of new books lately that are both wonderful collections to my library- the first is Transformational Thought by Jason McLennan, founder of the Living Building Challenge. DEEP reading, wonderful stuff to cover before going on a long run on the trails, I am absolutely loving it. The second is another SketchUp tutorial type book based on doing renderings, and using Ruby Scripting. This one is by Daniel Tal who has another nice one concerning site design using SketchUp. Haven't had much of a chance to check that one out yet...mostly because I am sitting here at school blogging working on my Revit presentation...:)
I am pretty excited to go check out apts this weekend in MKE...the winds of change are blowing something fierce :)
Time to stop procrastinating and get back to it...
(yes, the famous traveling green cup)