Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring again...raceready?

So it has been awhile since I wrote on my blog so I am addressing that issue! Ran Chippewa 50k a couple weeks back. This was my one year anniversary for running ultras, since this was my first ultra last year...
Of course, this one went much better! Shaved off almost 30 min from last years time and also was able to see Jose finish his first ultra! So cool. I felt pretty good the whole time, still having some cramping issues that I cant quite figure out...I am taking plenty of salt and potassium and b vitamins and all that, must be in the muscles themselves??? Dont know...maybe I need to up my mileage. Running twice a week prob isnt enough when I am in the ultra season. I did BearTrax a week after that and felt great, setting a PR there of 1:41 for the 20k. Felt good. Now comes the real test...50 mile at Ice Age this coming Sat. I am nervous and excited to see what happens to me during a 50 miler...this race will take me to uncharted waters and that in itself is exciting, for "we do not begin to live until we leave our comfort zone". So true. And I will definitely be out of my comfort zone!
As far as school has been going its almost a wrap. I am done in September-then what? ha, I am trying to figure out how I can keep that going and still keep up with the bills. Its mainly the bankruptcy payments that are killing me- they are making me bankrupt! How does that work?
I wanted to take the Architecture Tech program at MATC because it acts as a transfer program into UWM. Now I find out that the classes are only offered during the day...bummer. Since I have two years left to pay on the Chap 13, I cannot afford to live and keep up with it and take day classes...however I am going to apply anyway, talk with the advisors, and try to find a way to keep moving in the direction I need to become an Architect. Some days I feel like I am already an Architect, just still in training...I guess that is because I made the realization that in this field I can pursue those things that I really love to do. So to me it makes perfect sense, like trail running!
I have pretty much a race planned for every month this summer. I like it when I get race ready, and can then just run races every month, recover, do a couple maintenance runs, and race again. Love being in that kind of shape! Soon the heat will be on and the bugs will be out, and then we will be racing the mosquitos!
This year I have begun to run down in the kettle a lot. I really enjoy those trails and the variety to be found down there. I have also met some new trail runners and have been fortunate to have people to do the longer runs with, always a blessing! It is hard to find people to wake up and run 20+ miles for some reason....
Live moves forward...and so we must follow suit.
I look back a year and am amazed at the distance covered...its just like an ultra. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will get there.
Till next time, rest easy.

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