Monday, September 6, 2010

Double 50k's

Last week I ran a 50k on Sat the 28th of August, Tom Bunks run he had for his 50th wedding anniversary and then after a nice 7 miles on Wed out at Lapham Peak I ran another 50k the following Friday, Angelas FA 50k. Although I was quite sore after the second one, I feel as though I have reached a new level in my trail running and it is quite exciting for me. The next race I am doing is NorthFace on Sept 18 down on the southern Kettle unit. I will keep trying to add to my blog site here and get it more organized...I am considering this my new project!
Looking forward to running this Wednesday back out at Lapham Peak and seeing where I am at. Almost considering doing the 50 mile instead but I want to see Jill finish her first marathon so probably won't.

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